Should I tell the school?

YES.  Your child's school needs to know about your concerns so your child's well being can be ensured during his/her time at school. School staff have been trained to respond to a student's and/or a parent's concern about possible suicide risk. They can help keep your child safe and find resources.
Contact your child's school counselor. If you do not know your child's counselor, contact the following:

  • Wellesley High School- Nursing Services (781)446-6305 Ext. 5108
  • Wellesley Middle School- Nursing Services (781)-446-6250 Ext. 4111
  • Private school students: The principal or headmaster


Will my child's concerns be kept confidential?
School staff will provide information only to those individuals who need to know to help your child. Ask who will be included in the school's plan for your child.

Will my child be angry and/or withdrawn from me if I talk to the school?
Your child may have these feelings. The most effective approach is to include your child in the discussion with the school staff.

What can the school do to help?
Once the school is made aware of the situation, an individualized support plan will be put in place.

Will the school work with my child's therapist and doctor?
School staff (with signed releases) will work with your child's treatment providers to insure coordination of care. They may also try to work closely with psychiatric hospital staff to develop an effective reintegration plan.

Will my child's educational program be modified if his/her condition impacts his/her learning?
Accommodations can be made to reduce the stress level and provide a more supportive environment for your child.


Hurting yourself is NEVER the answer. There is help available…talk to someone now

For immediate help call

Riverside Emergency Services

Newton Wellesley Hospital

Samariteen Hotline
1-800-252-TEEN (8336)

Samaritan Helpline
1-877-870-HOPE (4673)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)